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What is Ø-PAS®?

Få et Ø-PAS® og tag på ø-hop


Få et Ø-pas og tag på ø-hop


With the new Island Passport you will find inspiration to visit 39 Danish islands. Look forward to going island-hopping with the Island Passport, in which you can collect silhouettes of the Danish islands. 

On the ferry or at the harbour you will find a plate with the silhouette of the island and a special pen. With this pen you rub the island silhouette onto the passport and you can then compete with your family and friends about who  has visited the most islands. 

In the Island Passport you can find information on each island, the ferry routes, sailing distance and sailing time, the number of residents on the island, its size, a description of things to experience on the island and a QR code. If you scan the QR code with your smartphone, you will get direct access to the islands' homepage with a decription of experiences, accomodation, places to eat and so on. You can also copy the homepage address into your browser. 

Look forward to unique experiences on the islands, which each has its own charm, nature, population and a palet of attractions. You can expect beautiful nature and good opportunities for hiking or bike rides. 

Click on the Facebook page and share your experiences, photos and videos from the Danish islands. You can also participate in exciting contents of ferry tickets, overnight stays and experiences and get good offers and lots of ideas for new visits to the Danish Archipelago. 

Catch a glimpse of the Island Passport here

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