Tunø Smokehouse & Restaurant (Tunø Røgeri & Restaurant)

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Tunø Hovedgade 1D

8799 Tunø



In the front row to the marina, Tunø Røgeri & Restaurant serves smoked dishes accompanied by a light, cool glass of white wine from Mosel, which tastes of long summer nights. Or fresh fish cakes served with a cold beer. Here you can taste all the things meant to be smoked: fish, shellfish, pork tenderloin or smoked salted almonds.

The smokehouse is known for its traditionally made smoked salt, which gets a beautiful amber colour from the alder-tree over which the salt is smoked. In the shop you can buy warm smoked salmon, mackerel and other delicious specilies to bring home with you.

At Tunø Røgeri & Restaurant they look forward to having you!


E-mail: reservering@tunoeroegeri.dk
Telephone: + 45 4047 2000

Smoked delicacies

Order in advance
E-mail: bestilling@tunoeroegeri.dk

Price level

Main course: DKK 99-249
Smoked specialities: DKK 25-149

Extended opening hours at events

From October 27th 2019, the restaurant is closed down for winter


Tunø Hovedgade 1D

8799 Tunø

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