Samsø Smykker

Samsø Smykker is a workshop and shop with handmade jewelry, which is famous for its Scandinavian design. Each unique piece compliment the person who is wearing it. Designer Evelyn Iversen uses nature on Samsø as inspiration and materials from Samsø as a palette, and has since 1991 created a place where unique craftsmanship is top priority.

At Samsø Smykker you can find jewelry made of materials such as Blue Pearl (blåmuslingeskaller), Danish amber, local rocks and plenty of other materials. The design is performed in whatever metal you desire and the piece of jewlery is tailored exactly for you!

Ever since Samsø Smykker was established, the nature of the island has been Evelyn’s great inspiration for professional work and personal life. Often, she walks around Møgelskår trying to find beautiful rocks, a place where you can sense the ice age which has left grooves in the landscape. Right there in the shallow water, on the coastline full of beautiful, incomparable stones, the ideas are born.

It has often fascinated Evelyn that the idea is born at first sight and then magically follows the stone, amber or shells.
The series of jewelry “Azymetrica” are stone and amber in graphic lines along with the handforged metal, colors and shapes creates asymmetry with balance in mind.

Local folks as well as guests has over the years enriched her work and given her the opportunity to meet many interesting requests.