Medical Plant Garden

Find out more about the history of herbal medicine

Did you know that a plant like the Marie thistle can reproduce some parts of the liver? Or that the content of American yew is used in today’s chemo therapy? Not to mention that horseradish is antiseptic and good for colds?

All that and much more you can learn in the Medicine Gardens, which is a big and beautiful park. Here, the history of herbal medicine is told, and parallels are drawn to modern western medicine. The Medicine Gardens now hold four gardens, each of 800 m2, and as something totally unique, the gardens are surrounded by over a hundred different trees with medicinal abilities.

In the garden itself, there are app. 500 different plants and by all of them are signs, which describe the plant’s effect. Go and explore between gardens and trees, or sit down and enjoy the beautiful sight. There are paths so also people with walkers or in wheelchairs can get around.