Gordons Gæstebud

Enjoy your lunch at Horsens Art Museum. The café overlooking the park Caroline Amalie Lund serves organic dishes with local high-quality ingredients

Gordons Gæstebud is located in beautiful surroundings at Horsens Art Museum. With an excellent view over the park Caroline Amalie Lund you can enjoy a delicious selection of meals for lunch. You are welcome at Gordons Gæstebud – as a visitor at the art museum or just looking for a great food experience.

At Gordons Gæstebud sustainability, organic food and local ingredients is a central part of cooking.

“We prefer to use organic local ingredients as far as possible – partly as a matter of principle, but also because we enjoy the thought that our ingredients were grown in the neighborhood, and that we can talk to the local manufacturers about methods of production, quality and more” says Machai Gordon, proprietor of Gordons Gæstebud.

The café takes pride in cooking the food from scratch and uses ingredients in season.

So if you are looking for an eatery in Horsens with an excellent location and delicious home-made food, then Gordons Gæstebud is your pick.