Rømø sometimes offers extremely windy weather, but the island also has perfect beaches with the best seabed. Nature always speaks the last word around the Wadden Sea and that attracts tourists from north and south.

Visit Rømø and be amazed

As island number 39 Rømø became a part of the Island Passport this year. The island in west is known by many for its extraordinary beaches, that are extraordinary in more ways than one. Rømø has more than 4200 hectares of Beach, that can be used for everything from swimming to landsurfing and horseback riding at sunset. In general, Rømø has an impressive nature, where you can walk along the Wadden Sea and amongst other things study the unique birdlife – something tourists travel far to experience, says Johanne Clausen from Rømø-Tønder tourist association.

Rømø is a relatively large island with 15 km from north to south and 5 km from west to east. Rømø is therefore especially popular with cyclists and those with their hiking boots tied. There is plenty of space to unfold on the beach in all sorts of activities, but of course there is also room for those that wish to feel the soft sand beneath their feet and relax. It is fascinating how you can walk on the seabed and feel the powers of nature.

Rømø dam

In many ways Rømø is a place with a lot of history. We usually recommend tourists to visit the area around Lakolk where several bunkers from the Second World War are located in the woods.

How would you plan a vacation on Rømø for a first time visitor?

I would recommend a visit to the North-island, where the nature is extraordinary. On days with clear weather it is possible to see all the way to Esbjerg and Ribe from our three “mountains” Spidsbjerg, Høstbjerg and Stagebjerg. After that Kommandørgården and the St. Clemens church is worth a visit, if you are into culture.

Rømø et af digerne

Havnebyen in the southern part of the island is the largest town with 250 inhabitants. Here lies Sønderstranden which is an area for kite- and landsurfing. As something new you can also try Blocarts, which on very windy days can reach a speed of up to 70 km/h.


Some of the activities that you have planned for the summer include Rømø Dragon Festival on the 4th-6th September, Island-hopping with the new ‘Mandø pigen’ and Rømø Tractor Tours. What else can tourists look forward to experience?

We have our annual Oyster Festival on the 10th-12th of October and the 10-year anniversary for the Wadden Sea National Park, kitesurfing, horseback riding, Oyster Safari and the special Rømø-prawns, says Johanne Clausen and continues:

Unfortunately, we were unable to execute our Motor Festival, which is usually a huge event with between 40-50.000 people. But we look forward to next year where veteran cars from all over the world will race on Lakolk Beach. Beach Jump, which is the only riding competition in Denmark that takes place on a beach, was also cancelled. But we are still a popular place to go horseback riding due to our many options for horseback riding on the beach – and this has not changed despite corona.

Kort over Rømø
Rømø gæs i vaden