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Ø-færger i Danmark

Om de danske øer

Photo:Jan Keyser&LDF
Vidste du det?

About the Danish islands and island vacation in Denmark

Did you know that there are more than 400 named islands in Denmark? So if you dream of going on an island vacation there are plenty to choose from on a trip around the Danish Archipelago. And with the Island Passport it will be even more fun because then you and your family can easily keep track of the islands you conquer. 

Islands in all sizes

72 of the more than 400 named islands in Denmark are inhabited and of those, 38 can be reached by ferry. The 38 islands with a ferry connection are all in the island passport. The Island Passport's smallest island is Frederiksø which, together with Christiansø, is also Denmark's most eastern point. 

The special thing about island vacation in Denmark

When you visit one of the many Danish islands you can look forward to a very special experience, for the small island communities all have their own and unique identity. Island vacation in Denmark offers wide space, lots of fresh sea air, nature, authenticity and a change of pace, on the islands life is lived in a different gear. So island vacation in Denmark also equals a stressfree vacation with optimal opportunity of recharging your batteries. 

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