Ærø Museum

Ærø Museum is the museum of cultural history on Ærø.

The museum is situated in the old Landfogedgaard, Brogade, Ærøskøbing. The refurnished and modern exhibition of the museum draws a cultural portrait of Ærø today and yesterday.

The topics have a wide range from the special Ærø traditions like egg cooking on Easter Saturday and the dressing up on the evening of the Holy three kings to the tourism of the island and the Ærø signature dishes.

Here you can also learn something about Ærø’s period as part of the duchy of Schleswig before Denmark’s defeat on Dybbøl in 1864.

Along the way you can also meet the chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who plays a special role in the history of Ærø, and walk around the giant egg of the museum.

The museum also has a garden which is a reconstruction of a garden in Ærøskøbing around 1920.