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Photo:Niclas Jessen&Thomas Rousing
About Ø-PAS®

Experience the danish islands with Ø-PAS®

It is full of inspiration and information about the individual islands and will help you make your island holiday even more fun.

What is Ø-PAS® (An Island Passport)? 

Ø-PAS® gives you a presentation of the danish islands and allows you to collect "island marks". On the ferry or in the tourist information center you will find a plate with the silhouette of the island and a special pen. Use the pen to transfer the mark on to the Island Passport by placing the paper on top of the silhouette and gently rubbing it with the pen. You can collect marks from all 39 islands and compete with your family and friends on who collects the most.


See Ø-PAS® (the Island Passport) as a digital file here.


What you will find in Ø-PAS® 

Ø-PAS® contains information about the islands, the sailing distance and time, number of residents and the size of the island as well as a QR code. You can scan the QR code with your smartphone and get direct access to the island's website including tourist information.

Look forward to unique experiences on the islands, who each have their own charm, nature, residents and attractions. Many unique nature experiences and good opportunities for both hiking and cycling await you on the islands.


#Share your experiences

Share your experiences, photos and videos from the danish islands on the Facebook-page Ø-hop med Ø-PAS®. Save your best moments on the Instagram-page Oehopdk. Use the hashtags #øhop and #øferie on both Facebook and Instagram to give inspiration to others. On Facebook you can take part in exciting competitions where you can win ferry tickets, stays and experiences and receive great offers and lots of ideas for new visits to the danish islands.


Partners in Ø-PAS®

Ø-PAS® is published by The National Council for Rural Affairs of Denmark in cooperation with Partnership for Danish Island Tourism consisting of Sammenslutningen for Danske Småøer, Færgesekretariatet, De Samvirkende Købmænd, Danske Rederier, FOOD Organisation of Denmark and Danske Destinationer.


Praktisk information

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