What is the Island Passport?

The Island Passport contains information about all the Danish Islands accessible by ferry, and lets you collect ‘Island Stamps’. Learn more about the Island Passport

Take a look at the Island Passport

Click on the image to view the Island Passport as a flip file. The Island Passport gives you the chance to get to know the Danish archipelago, and makes your island holiday more fun to boot.


De 37 øer, der er med i Øpasset

Christiansø / Frederiksø

Brief information about the Danish Islands!

There are more than 400 named islands in Denmark, 72 of which are inhabited. It is possible to access 37 of these by ferry. The smallest island included in the Island Passport is Frederiksø.


Danish ferries

Danish island ferries

Start your island on the ferry and collect a ‘stamp’ for your passport. On Danske-Smaaoer.dk you can find information about the ferries that service the smaller Danish islands, while faergen.com has information about the larger islands.